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Should’nt they be alerting customers to the fact that the blue ray DVDs do not contain extra features. Faced with terrifying uncertainty, the community -- including the mayor and his prodigal son -- begins to come apart at its seams. If she wants to keep me as a customer shouldn’t she have handled this differently. For 13 months, Netflix has been withdrawing $7.99 w/o netflix official site my approval, even after my account was cancelled.

There’s no frickin’ search box to determine whether they’ve got what I’m interested in until you sign up. Kick everyone else off of your connection, restart your modem and router, and check your service agreement with your ISP to remind yourself that speeds netflix official site are not guaranteed (up to 60 mbps means you could get 1 kbps, 60 mbps, or anywhere inbetween), and they will limit your bandwidth as they see fit. Because of care of family, time delay, visits, more, and now aging and handicap, I have missed a lot of programs.

There have been tens of thousands of movies made, and a lot of them are very good. It would also be nice to be able to block or hide specific shows that parents don’t want kids to access at all, even if they are within the allowed rating.

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